Job interview weakness and strength

Although there are many questions which can be asked in a job interview, the most common of them is the job interview weakness and strength. By asking your strength and weaknesses, the interviewer would like to find out about your suitability to the position you are applying for.

Every person is different and we all have different personality traits. Some of us are good at organizing things, where as some of us can be good at analyzing things or interpreting them in a way which is easy to understand. These inherent qualities of a person are some of the points which can be noticed in a job interview. And one of the best ways to find this out is to ask about strengths and weaknesses of a person.

Many people get confused with such questions and they give vague answers to such questions which can turn negative. While strengths can be broadly classified into skills, knowledge and personality traits, you should be careful about your weaknesses especially when you are preparing for a job interview.

Skills and knowledge can be gained from your education, training or past work experience. So ideally you should have a list of these skills before you go through an interview. Try to match your skills  as well as your personality traits with the job profile you are applying for. This will help you a lot in answering such questions and answers. This can be amongst the most important tips for job interviews.job interview weakness

Now the tricky with questions about job interview weakness and strength is to answer about weakness you may have. Most of the people can get confused here and give out anything that comes to their mind. The best way to handle such question is to talk about a personality trait but present it in a positive manner so that you don’t sound negative with them. There can be two sides to a coin. So what is negative can also be positive to some extent. You should try and put the positive aspect of the trait you choose to talk about. This is the easiest way to tackle such questions. Many people answer these questions with traits like being shy, procrastination or similar things which is okay but then you should also present them in a positive way.

The more you prepare for your job interview, the more confident you will be and this is true with all kinds of interviews, irrespective of the industry you work in. You will be giving out a perception of yourself with your answers and this perception should always be positive which is a good balance of being over confident and under confident.  You can always make an addition that you are aware of any negatives but then you also try to work on them to be more efficient.

This is also the reason why you should know about your job profile and company well in advance. By doing this, you can present your answers in a very good way.

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